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Our Mission

Deliver a simple and trustworthy experience that empowers people to book a mover they can trust.

Our Vision

Bring people and moving companies together to create happier moves.

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Just a heads up

QuotesForMoves is NOT a moving company!
We help you find and compare moving companies online
Our Mover Network of licensed and insured moving professionals can help you with your next move!

Our Story

QuotesForMoves was created out of a desire to make finding a trustworthy mover easier.
Dave O’Connor, President of QuotesForMoves, moved locally and across the country more times than he’d like to count and using services ranging from U-Haul, interstate van lines, a pick-up truck, a friend’s Subaru and even shipping his belongings via UPS. Dave believed there had to be a better way to help people find the right moving service at the right price and time for their move. Today, QuotesForMoves matches thousands of renters and home-owners instantly with prices, ratings and reviews for moving companies available on specific move dates.

QuotesForMoves is comprised of passionate team members who create and foster relationships every day with rental properties, property management firms, digital partners and of course our moving company clients, with whom the platform could not exist. We believe in creating an environment of fairness, kindness and flexibility for our partners, consumers and clients. The moving industry is complicated, fraught with distrust by consumers and concern by moving company leaders about constant technology change and consumer skepticism about utilizing moving services.

We strive to do our small part in demystifying the moving industry for consumers and giving moving companies a reliable, scalable referral source.

We’re proud of the work we do and we’re evolving every day. Your feedback about our service, website or mission is always welcome.

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Our Partners

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Partners in our Mover Network

And we’re still growing! Get My Free Quotes Now

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